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QAYG – Pre Printed Batting

 Happy Wednesday!

While in Texas I became a YouTube junkie! I learned a lot and was inspired by many. One of my favorite channels was Shabby Fabrics.

Shabby Fabrics offered several video tutorials using many of the June Tailor QAYG designs that are printed onto batting that allows you to complete a project in one step.

The finished projects Jen Bosworth demonstrated were absolutely beautiful and the process seemed simple and straightforward:

  • Cut your fabrics
  • Sew by number
  • Trim
  • bind

Below are the placemats I made for my shop.

June Tailor – Jakarta Placemats

QAYG Handmade Halloween Placemats, Harvest Moon Fabric
Jakarta Quilt As You Go Placemats, June Tailor Batting

Fabric- Harvest Moon by Grace Popp for Studio E

Finished Size 18 x 13 inches

Perfect for jelly rolls or other 2.5 inch precut fabric strips

Approximate time to complete: less than 30 minutes for one placemat

June Tailor – Casablanca Placemats

Quilt As You Go June Tailor Casablana Christmas Placemats
Christmas Casablana Placemats

Fabric – Christmas Fabric from my stash

Finished Size 19 x 15 inches

Approximate time to complete: 30 minutes for one placemat

My thoughts about the June Tailor QAYG designs:

  • Easy technique and truly quick
  • Being accurate (sewing on the line and cutting the fabric) was important
  • Suggested cut lengths are key – there is no wiggle room
  • Normally I prefer using Pellon Fusible Thermolam
  • or Pellon Fusible Foam in my placemats but I can definitely live with the results using the June Tailor product.

All in all a good product, I also purchased the Venice Placemats, Christmas Tree Skirt,  Christmas Stocking and the wine tote bag pre printed designs. I’ll show you once I get those finished!

Each package comes with 6 pre printed placemat designs – I did a sample placemat from each package, washed the placemats after sewing and they washed up nicely, not much shrinkage and they ironed up well.

Another UFO Finish

My friend shopped my UFO pile and picked something to gift to her niece. I used Cuddle fabric on the back.

Pattern was Bordered Periwinkle from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Fabric Alison Glass Sun Print 2016.

Yay another UFO finish!

Until next time Happy Sewing!

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7 thoughts on “QAYG – Pre Printed Batting

  1. Hi Karla! This is so ironic as just this morning Joann Fabrics sent an email saying that all June Tailor products were on sale (20% maybe??). I look at the pictures and thought, huh – a wine tote bag and a Christmas tree skirt. What did you put on the back of the placemats? Did you quilt through all layers as you followed the QAYG lines? I often wonder about that – if the quilting is just on the top fabric and batting or more like traditional quilting. These placemats look fab! As does your UFO Bordered Periwinkle finish. I know that Cuddle fabric on the back makes it feel oh so nice. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne, I show the back of the placemats in the pictures so you can the quilting lines– the quilting is done as you sew the seams . Honestly, I finished all 8 placemats in 10 hours! I used a 60% coupon on the JoAnn’s site to purchase the June Tailor designs. As of this morning I’ve sold both sets — a couple bought both sets — now I need to make more! I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the Periwinkle quilt back – I embroidered a 2021 design with a mask! Enjoy your day my friend!

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  2. Those placemats look so fun and could be tailored for any holiday/occasion! Love the UFO finish – congratulations 🙂

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  3. What a fun project!
    I’ve made my own quilt-as-you-go batting … just draw the lines you want!

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