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Spooky Minis

I love Halloween – it’s my favorite holiday. With a costume and a little make up I can pretend to be something or someone else for a day πŸ™‚

We don’t have any kids or grand-kids around to spook but I still like having a little Halloween decor around the house.

Pumpkin Curvy Log Cabin Table Runner :

Curvy log cabin table runner Halloween

Pillows are always great for holiday pops of color:

quilted embroidered Halloween pillow
quilted embroidered Halloween pillow

Mug rugs for my morning coffee:

spooky quilted mug rugs

Smiling Greeters for the front door:

quilted Halloween mini quilt

I entered a Halloween mini quilt in a local contest . The category I chose was “Make Modern” . I selected the quilt block Dutchman puzzle and attempted to give it a modern spin.

Traditionally the Dutchman puzzle is arranged as in the first picture below.

fall 2018 candle mat

I simply rotated the direction of the flying geese to get the secondary friendship star design instead of the pinwheel.

Viola…my entry! I purposely put the Jack Skellington fabric on top to give the illusion the text was coming from them!

modern mini quilt Halloween

How cool?

Happy Sewing & Quilting!

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17 thoughts on “Spooky Minis

  1. plstockwell on said:

    I love your Halloween projects. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (besides Christmas and Fall – is that a holiday?) Anyway, great ideas and beautiful work!

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  2. I just love your creativity! The curvy log cabin pumpkins=adorable! And your mug rugs simply the sweetest!! Are these your own patterns?

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    • Hi Vicki –The pattern for the mugs were in an old Quilters World Magazine but I’ve seen them on E Patterns Central really cheap — both designs are included in one pattern. The curvy log cabin was inspired from a cut loose pattern named BOO to you –it uses the curvy log cabin trim tool. The other BOO runner is from Annie’s Creative Studio — it’s one of the free projects they offer if you’re a member. Take care !


  3. Your pillows are the perfect touch! Happy Halloween:)!!

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  4. Karla, you are so creative!! That table topper and the pillow covers are just perfect!!! I’m behind the ball in making Halloween decor – oops! I guess a couple of quick pillow covers just got added to my ToDo list! Thanks for the awesome inspiration πŸ™‚

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  5. Hi Karla! Well, how did you do in the Make Modern contest?? I love how just a simple turn of the geese makes it look totally different. And, I just LOVE the log cabin pumpkins. I have a long dislike of log cabins, but my friend, Susan, has been encouraging me to give them another try. A grudge of 30 years is a long time to hold against a block . . . and your pumpkins just might make me let it go. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne,

      I came in 4th place – out of 20 not too bad and it was my first contest ever.

      My first log cabin quilt was a disaster! I finally purchased the Creative Grids log cabin trim tool and what a difference that made. I now own every size available – for me it was definitely worth the money. I LOVE the log cabin and all the variations you can make with it.

      We made the pumpkin runner in a class I taught. I didn’t pay attention to the pattern 😦 . I ordered the wrong size ruler for the participants – so I had to adjust the pattern to match the fabric bundle the store sold. How embarrassing!! The ladies were OK with my boo-boo. We had the top pieced in 2.5 hours and everyone was super happy with the results using the ruler.

      I wished you lived closer – I’d let you borrow my trim tool!


      Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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      • Karla – it just MAY be a good thing I don’t live closer, don’t you think?!! Oh the trouble we would get in – shopping, embroidery (you’d teach me), sewing, quilting. We’d never leave the house in spite of the nice weather . . . so maybe we can settle for a visit someday sooner than later?! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. Great accents for the season. Your quilting is so nice and precise…Beautiful projects. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week.

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  7. lindaglovinghome on said:

    Very nice. Your quilting is so nice and precise. Great projects for the season. In love the with Mug Rugs. too cute. πŸ™‚


  8. Those “minis” are more sweet that spooky – they are awesome πŸ™‚

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