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Friday Finishes – Quilted Tote Bag

Happy Friday!

My youngest turns 30 next week and I will turn 60 at the end of the year! Kids and I decided to take a mini beach vacation this weekend to celebrate both milestones 🙂

I needed a larger tote bag for all my beach necessities ♥

I just finished taking a wonky log cabin class at our LQS and decided to use those blocks to make the tote. I used leftover layer cake squares cut into 2.5 inch strips to make the blocks. It was a fun technique to learn, I am a creature of habit so my blocks tend to look the same — but I’m OK with that.

I had 12 blocks finished — not exactly beach colors but what the heck!

  • I used 9 blocks for the front and 3 on the back.
  • The blocks were 6.5 inches unfinished.
  • I added borders around the blocks to make a 20 inch square
  • Quilted the front and back using fusible foam – Pellon Brand
  • Created the lining (20 x 20 inch square) fused with Shape Flex Interfacing – added pocket 14 x 20 inches –subdivided into 4 sections
  • Sewed front pieces to back pieces for both the exterior fabrics and lining, leaving an opening on the lining for turning
  • Cut out a 3 inch square for boxing out corners
  • fabric for handles 5 x 30 inches – I used fusible fleece in the handles
  • fabric for button loop 4 x 10 inches – used shape flex interfacing
  • assembled the bag normally and edge stitched around the top
  • finished size 19 x 16 – I still need to find a button 🙂
wonky log cabin tote bag
wonky log cabin blocks
wonky log cabin tote bag
wonky log cabin tote bag back

I’ve made several totes in the past, this was the first time I used foam. It was wonderful to work with. The body of the tote is amazing — soft and very sturdy — stands on its own.

Hopefully hurricane Barry doesn’t interfere with the kids flying out of Houston — if not I will post a picture of us next week.

Have a great weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Finishes – Quilted Tote Bag

  1. Love your improv bag! I like using foam too; I love to quilt it (and I can actually handle some free motion on the foam, go figure?). Hope your get together isn’t hampered by the storms!

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  2. dezertsuz on said:

    Too, too, too CUTE! I love that bag. Here’s hoping your children arrive safely!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Karla! Happy Birthday to your youngest. I hope he doesn’t have trouble getting out of Houston. Looks like New Orleans is already dealing with a boatload of water, but then they’re so low they can’t help but. I know you’ll have a great time at the beach or whatever you end up doing – and that snazzy new bag is just perfect for anything. Who said it’s not beach colors?? It’s classy looking, I think. You’ll be the envy of everywhere you go with it, and then IF they find out you made it yourself?! Well, hang on to it tightly – someone may just think they need it for themselves. I think it looks fabulous. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lindaglovinghome on said:

    How did I missed this post??? Love your tote!! Great using foam for a tote! Happy birthday to you both. Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

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