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Happy Thursday!

As a child growing up I spent my summers living with my grandparents on their farm in Georgia. My grandfather’s sisters lived on the same rural route so most of my cousins spent their summers visiting also.

My grandmother and aunts were all home economics teachers — handmade goodies were everywhere. Presentation to them was everything — even simple servings of refreshments were a big deal! We’d have fruit as our “meal” before bed; one of my fondest memories of my grandmother was her watermelon pie — slices of watermelon arranged on a circular pan – in the center of the pan were crafty cut pieces of paper with bible verses for each of us to learn.

My cousin’s son is getting married and all of us “older” cousins are getting together. I made a watermelon pie table topper for the hostess as tribute to our younger summer visits!

watermelon table topper
watermelon table topper

I enjoy having a glass or two of wine every night. Normally I drink Merlot wines — during the summer I switch to sweet fruity wines. Strawberry is my favorite sweet wine. We travel to Wisconsin every year so I can purchase Door County Wines –they have the best fruity wines!

Recently I finished a custom order using fabric with strawberry prints. The scraps included an orphan nine patch quilt block, 6 bonus half square triangles, some squares and one large scrap of fabric. I was enjoying a glass of my Door County Strawberry wine and decided to use the scraps to make myself a strawberry wall quilt for my sewing room.

strawberry mini quilt
strawberry mini quilt

Have you ever made a quilt to remind you of a favorite time in your life?

Happy Sewing and Quilting!

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13 thoughts on “Quilty Summer Favorites

  1. Sylvia Anderson on said:

    Karla, I love both your projects and think your strawberry mini is delightful. You have given me an idea with your watermelon topper, and think I will make some hot pads and pot holders using a watermelon theme. I just love watermelon, and think most people do as well. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. OMG your watermelon topper is just the sweetest!! Your own pattern or can you direct me to where to get it? And your strawberry is so tasty looking, we were just eating some today that were just as sweet:)

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    • Hi Vicki — glad you liked the watermelon topper — it’s my own design. A dresden – I made a strip set in this order — green 2.25 x WOF, white 1.5 x WOF, red 6.5 x WOF, white 1.25 x WOF , green 1.75 x WOF. I pressed my seams open. I used the 8 inch mark on my Dresden ruler — rotating back and forth on the strip set — making sure the green was always on the bottom. — I hope this helps – if you have any other questions feel free to ask!


  3. lindaglovinghome on said:

    This is too cute. How creative to make a watermelon topper! And are those napkins as well? Super nice way to honor your grandmother! Loving the strawberry mini quilt. I have strawberries practically every day. A nostalgia quilt is a great idea. This was a nice read..thanks for sharing. Now about the wine, that ‘s a must have…. 🙂

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  4. dezertsuz on said:

    I don’t think I have, but I have a couple of memory quilts I’ll make from the boys’ childhoods, if I don’t forget. LOL I like your strawberry – that’s fun! The table topper is cute, too.

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  5. Hi Karla! Oh, what a fun post. I can just see your grandmother and aunts fussing over whatever was being served. I love my Home Economics teacher and still have my handwritten recipe cards of some favorites that we made. What a fabulous and heartfelt hostess gift! Your cousin will truly treasure it and smile at the fun memories you all shared. AND Door County Wines!! Yes indeed, they are yummy good. Cedarburg had a huge Strawberry Festival in June with ALL things strawberry. If you still visit Wisconsin next year, you should time your visit to partake in the fest. It is fun and the wine is definitely there along with other vendors who make similar ones. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne, glad you enjoyed the post! Door County wines are the best — we finally live in a state where wine can be shipped in — I just placed an online order with Door County Winery 🙂 The strawberry festival sounds like fun hopefully I will be able to attend someday! happy Friday my friend♥

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  6. Both cute projects! One of my favorite quilts I made to remind me of a favorite time was the little mprov quilt of things we saw or did while in Maine. It’s now hanging on my mini quilt wall.

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