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WIP – Wednesday

Hello everyone – happy Wednesday!

This past week has been really good; no deadlines and my daughter came for a visit.  One of her best friends got married in Tampa so she stayed with us for a week.

My favorite part of the quilting process is cutting and piecing – to me it’s like putting together a puzzle something I find challenging and relaxing.

I’ve gotten much better at setting aside time for quilty projects daily. I took some time to starch fabrics and get them cut out and made a list of what to do each day for a week. Since I’m such a list/task oriented person I don’t know why I haven’t done this before!

Anyway these are the new projects  I’ve got started in last few days:

Kansas Star quilt block –quilters are drawn to star blocks.  I fell in love with this one, I plan to add borders to make the finished size 14 x 14. Eventually I will make it a tote bag for grocery shopping. I used 10 inch squares from a Cotton and Steel pre-cut package to create the block. I used Amanda Rolf’s video tutorial, you can find it here.

wip- kansas star

wip- kansas star

My all time favorite quilt block is the maple leaf.  Each year I make something using this block. I found a table runner on Pinterest I liked and decided to create something similar using a charm pack.

wip - rainbow maple leaf

wip – rainbow maple leaf

I’m always looking for ways to use my charm packs. I sketched a star on graph paper and came up with this.  I’m sure it’s not original but it worked for me and it only took one charm pack.

wip - charming star

wip – charming star

Lastly I started a project that I won’t need until October 2019. The pattern is Double Trouble from Quilts and More Fall 2016. I’m using scraps so I’ve modified the pattern a bit to match my scraps.  It’s a 12 inch skinny churn dash block with several variations.

wip - Halloween double trouble

wip – Halloween double trouble


Lesson I learned this week:

  • planning ahead is everything!
  • completing daily tasks earn me a glass of wine 🙂

Before my daughter arrived in Florida, she and my youngest son had just returned from vacationing in Thailand. They purchased beautiful fabrics for me that I will share at a later date.  I wanted to show a couple of my favorite pictures they took.

kids- nikki stevie elephant

kids – nikki stevie elephant

kids - nikki stevie bengal tiger

kids – nikki stevie Bengal tiger

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23 thoughts on “WIP – Wednesday

  1. All your quilt projects are so pretty! I love the colors in your Kansas Star with that pop of green. I’m not sure I’d want to be that cozy with a Bengal, but he sure is handsome!

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  2. You’re projects are so colorful, bright and cheery!

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  3. Karen @runsewfun on said:

    Great post! I love your charming star. Churn Dash is one of my favorite blocks and I love your skinny ones. The photos with your kids and the wild animals are a little scary to me but sounds like everyone is home safe…all’s well that ends well!


  4. Hi Karla! Oh man, what a nice post today! You have been busy, and I SOOOO agree with making a list. It totally helps me stay focused instead of just ambling around. I’m really good at just ambling! HAHA! Your kids on the elephant – how cool is that?! And with a Bengal tiger – sounds scary but what a beautiful animal. And your kids look so happy, like they are having a blast seeing a new culture and experiences. I love the colors you chose for your Kansas Star – that will make a way-too-pretty grocery bag. The maple leaf table runner is cool, too. That background print is very interesting – it really makes the leaves pop. And churn dash blocks are ones that I haven’t made yet for some reason although they really appeal to me. What’s on the list for next week? Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    • Hi Roseanne — you’re the best! The kids had a fantastic trip! If you and Sue get the chance you should visit Thailand. You can have a luxurious vacation dirt cheap. Lots of fabric available and you can have clothes tailor made quickly. My son took an extra suitcase and had 5 suits made for him — he’s a big young man. It’s been a while since I visited but had leather pants, jacket, skirt and vest made all for under $200. I could go on and on! I need to finish a couple of gift items we will be traveling next week – coming to your part of the world!

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  5. Your stars are really great. I love the maple leaves on the newsprint. Your kids are brave;-)!!!

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  6. Hi Karla! Your blocks are all awesome! The newspaper fabric with your maple leaves looks so cool.
    How wonderful you got to spend a week with your daughter. Oh my gosh Thailand! Thanks for sharing their pics, Elephants 🐘 are one of my favorite animals, I smiled seeing them actually on one. You have very brave 🐆and adventuristic kids 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love the charm pack star you made. Isn’t it fun to think up new ways to use a charm pack? Pretty fall runner too!

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  8. dezertsuz on said:

    What a lot of things you got going this week! Great stars you did. Those are wonderful pics of your children. Who would guess a Bengal tiger would be so tame!

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  9. Becky and Day Haaland on said:

    Your piece work is absolutely FANTASTIC! As a fairly new quilter, I still sometimes struggle in that area. Its great to see you wonderful work and know I can “get there” one day! And your children are beautiful! I also have a son and daughter! What blessings to see adult kids having fun together!!

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  10. All of your blocks are great, but I like especially the maple leaf – nice colors!


  11. Wow how amazing they got to visit Thailand and thanks for sharing the photos. I loved the quilt blocks/WIPs especially the “Charming Star” one – it is very charming! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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